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Damon Braces

What is the Damon system?
Damon system braces (we use the latest Damon Q system) are highly effective, fixed cosmetic orthodontic braces. Damon reduces the friction compared to typical brace systems such as ‘train tracks.’ The low friction often means fewer trips to the dentist – whilst still benefiting from high quality results.

Damon system braces are ‘self-ligating’, which means there is no need for elastics or ties which are used in ‘train tracks’, instead the Damon system has a slide mechanism which replaces elastics.

What is the difference between the Damon system and ‘Train tracks’?
The Damon System offers a more comfortable, but equally effective alternative to ‘train tracks’. The Damon systems’ slide mechanism means no elastics – which collect an amount of plaque when worn throughout the day. So the Damon system is easy, comfortable & hygienic.

The brace is made up of transparent ceramic and stainless steel, which means the Damon system is discrete, but effective.

Is the Damon system visible?
The Damon system attaches brackets to the front of your teeth; so it is visible that you are wearing a brace. The system’s main benefit is that it is a comfortable brace that sitll offers patients amazing treatment and results.

We do offer Damon clear, a great aesthetic option with clear brackets!

Will I have to have teeth extracted with the Damon system?
The system is not a ‘non extraction’ treatment, which some people may believe, as all patients have different treatment requirements. However, if extractions can be avoided, the Damon system is a good recommendation, as the braces’ extra strength enables the brace to work harder, therefore avoiding extractions.

What is the treatment like?
The wires used in the Damon system aren’t too forceful, and apply light pressure instead, which means the brace is a comfortable option. This also means you will see your dentist less – as the wires don’t need to be adjusted that frequently, but notice positive teeth movement between visits.

So, what’s the cost?
The Damon system uses the latest technology, designed to be advanced, state of the art orthodontic treatment. You can expect to pay more than the traditional ‘train track’ braces – which for a lot of people is justified by needing to take less visits to the dentist and the comfort of the brace.