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Same Day Cerec Anterior Crowns

Crowns, inlays, Onlays and veneers in just one visit! Well at Ringwood dental we do have the technology to complete these treatments in one visit.

Gone are the days where a crown needed 2 weeks to be fabricated, whilst a temporary crown falls out and causes sensitivity/pain. This amazing technology allows all treatments to be completed in one visit, patients need to allow around an hour for a single unit and a morning/afternoon for 5 or more restorations.


1. Digital 3D image is taken: So no more putty impressions!

2. A virtual crown/inlay/veneer is then designed in 3 dimensions on the computer. This design is sent to the CEREC Machine wirelessly.

3. A machine, cuts the design into the specific colour coded ceramic block. Milling takes only 15 mintues, in our purpose made on site laboratory.

4. The results are amazing both in function and totally natural looking aesthetics