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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a metal screw, which is inserted into the jaw bone and acts as a root for a false tooth. The tooth part of the implant is the only visible section visible and it is crafted to look like your existing teeth. So when you smile no one will know. We can undertake single or multiple implants depending on your need.

The wonderful Dr Peter Beech is our much loved and highly experienced Implantologist. As well as a variety of professional accolades and educational programmes under his belt, Dr Beech’s kind and considerate approach to implantology is the most important aspect of all to his patients!

Dental Implants with Dental Rooms

Life Changing Implant Benefits

 Patients and practitioners alike celebrate the wide variety of benefits implants offer, including:

Natural & Realistic – Dental implants are just like natural teeth in look, feel and sensation

Hassle Free Eating – Avoid the pain and irritation eating with dentures or missing teeth!

Bone & Facial Structure – Missing teeth lead to loss of bone mass, which can create a ‘sunken’ look

Low Maintenance – Maintain your implant just like normal teeth!

Single, Multiple or Full Smile

We offer a full range of implant options, from single implants to entire teeth replacement!

Free Consultation & Assessment

Check your suitability and implant options available at your Free Consultation

Full Range Of Dental Treatments

As well as implants we offer a full range of cosmetic dental treatments

Interest Free Finance Options

Alongside Interest Free Finance, we offer long term payment plans as low as £50.38 a month!  

Our Practice

 Over the years, we have treated thousands of patients with Dental Implants throughout Hampshire, Dorset, and further afield

Lost or missing teeth can have a huge impact on your life and dental implants are often, incorrectly, seen as an intimidating procedure.

Ringwood Dental are proud to offer high quality dentistry at an affordable price; find out more about our practice in this video (filmed in March 2020, prior to COVID-19):