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Below are comments and testimonials from past clients of Ringwood dental who decided they would like to recommend us, and tell about their experiences.

"Dear Dr Mani Bhardwaj,

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and convey my delight and satisfaction with my implant.

Your dedication and professionalism in carrying out the implantation procedure with passion and giving attention to detail, is commendable. Worth mentioning, the treatment was virtually pain-free. The implanted tooth-profile and colour matched perfectly with my natural teeth.

In closing, I thank Dr Hardip Dhatt and his dedicated team at Ringwood Dental Practice for all their help and consideration. "

"I am currently a patient of Dr. Hardip Dhatt at Ringwood Dental and wanted to say a few words with regard to the amazing service and the results I have received from my treatment.

The Invisalign treatment recommended by Dr Dhatt (to straighten my teeth and correct a cross bite and correct the spacing) has been a huge confidence booster. I am only 12 weeks into the 8 month course and the results have already dramatically improved my smile. I am much more confident when smiling and did not expect the impact to be so positive. I absolutely cannot wait to see the final results.

I met with various dentists prior to my decision. Dr Dhatt was definitely the most prepared for all my questions and gave me the confidence that I had made the right choice. His extensive experience and track record of great results speaks for itself.

If you are considering Invisalign treatment then Dr Dhatt and Ringwood Dental should be your first choice. A very high level of service and great results, you will not be disappointed."

"Fantastic service, Best dentists ever. Would highly recommend."

"I have not been seen by any dentist for over ten years, due in part to really really hating visits to the dentist (i wont use the word phobia) and also due to really really hating the dentist. I finally decided enough was enough and hunted around for an affordable private practice. May i say what a difference it has made finding ringwood dental. I have just had four teeth removed today (or what was left of them), and although now several hours later it hurts like hell the actual procedure was pretty painless.

The practice has prepaired a dental plan for me, and for the first time in ages i feel pretty good about the future of my teeth.

Whats more i get the impression that the staff at 'ringwood dental' care alot more about your teeth compaired to the average nhs practice (i am sure that there are excellent nhs practices out there but i couldnt find one) If you are looking for a good private dentist and like me your fears have kept you back, fear no more and bite the bullet, give them a call (sorry, couldn't resist the punn)."

"I've been using Ringwood Dental for a couple of years and so, when I found out that they offered Invisalign, it seemed like the natural choice.

The treatment was painless and most of the time people didn't even know I was wearing aligners.

Hardip was very accommodating as, part way through my treatment, I relocated to London yet he was able to arrange appointments which were still accessible. I'm very happy with the outcome and would recommend Invisalign (and Ringwood Dental) to anyone considering the treatment."

Implant Patient:

"I lost the 4 upper front teeth due to partly to poor dental advice & care in the past, periodontitis having been in the large pockets caused by the poor alignment & twisting of the teeth. I had treatment and extensive work done by a specialist hygienist to address the periodontal problems prior to the extractions, which were necessary as the roots of the teeth had all but gone, and there was some bone loss.

When I had teeth extracted a standard denture had been made to use immediately. This was adequate but I found that I could not use an adhesive to keep it in place as particles of food would get under it whenever I ate anything, necessitating frequent removal of the denture to clean it, the adhesive would stick to the roof of my mouth and is difficult to remove. I did not initially consider implants, as I had been to believe by my previous dentist that a less intrusive, well fitting denture would be possible. Several weeks elapsed to allow the gum to heal and for me to decide whether I was happy with denture or not

By this time the dental practice had changed hands and my new dentist explained exactly what would be involved in any other form of denture than this. I had not previously appreciated that as it is a large gap to span, anything else would require some sort of fixing or invasive procedure to my other teeth, which I was most reluctant to do. It was suggested that I consider implants so an appointment was made for me with Mani, so that he could explain what would be involved both in the fitting of them and the aftercare, also the cost. I had thought I might not be suitable because of the bone loss the periodontal disease had caused, but I was assured that bone graft would be used to rebuild & strengthen my remaining bone structure to make it capable of receiving the implants.

I attended the surgery a couple of weeks later to have x-rays taken to assess the extent of the bone loss, and an appointment was made to have the bone grafts done. Unfortunately, when the bone was exposed Mani found that the pockets were deeper than x-rays had shown, and rather than do a less than ideal job with the material to hand he closed it all up having been unable to do the planned graft. Mani and his nurse were both very kind, and, I think, quite distressed on my behalf that they had been unable to do what had been planned.

I had expected some discomfort, but I had not thought about the anaesthetic wearing off before O got home – I had been to the Winchester surgery for this procedure – and by the time I got home I was in quite a lot of pain, and my face begun to swell. I had quite a lot of brushing which took about 7-10 days to go, and my lower face was swollen for several days despite the application of ice as soon as I had got home. Ibuprofen proved adequate after that, but for the first 24 hours cocodamol was better! When I saw Mani a week or so later he suggested I use arnica cream for a few days prior to and following the surgery next time to minimise he brushing, and to have frozen peas on hand to reduce swelling.

I returned some 6 weeks later when my mouth had healed to have the graft done with the correct type of graft. Following this surgery, my pre treatment with arnica proved very worthwhile, as I had almost no brushing and frequent application of the frozen peas kept swelling to a minimum. This second surgery was a lot less traumatic then I had expected. The only problem I had was that some of the stitches persisted for longer than expected, and began to irritate the roof of my mouth where they rubbed on the denture, so Hardeep took them out as the incisions had healed. After what seemed a lengthy wait the graft had taken and improved the bone sufficiently for the actual implants to be inserted. More x-rays were to assess what size implants would be used.

The inserting of the metal implants was the longest session of all; with 4 to insert it is critical to get them in the right place. Mani’s nurse was again very kind, massaging my jaw at intervals to prevent cramp in ! I had no problems following this, everything healed well though again, the time this too seemed lengthy, though I do understand that it is much better to make certain everything is rock solid before proceeding to the next stage.

Impressions were made to enable the new teeth to be crafted, and then the pages that the teeth are cemented to were fitted. The denture had to be modified to go over them, and this was the point at which eating was the most difficult. Had I realized how long the entire process would take, I would have had another plastic denture made at an earliest stage, as it fitted even less well on my reinforced gum, which limited the range of food I could eat, and really was quite loosing during this final stage when the healing collars are proud of the gum. More impressions were taken, and colour chosen, then came the longed for day when new teeth were cemented to the implants.

I am very pleased with the final result. It was a little more than a year in the end, from the initial extraction to the day the new teeth were fitted. They still do not really feel quite the same as my own teeth, but my own teeth were slightly protruding and twisted, whereas the new ones are straight and well aligned. They look very natural and I’m sure that no-one realise they are not my own, but I wanted them for performance not vanity, and it is a pleasure to know that my teeth will not fall out when I am eating ! I also hated the way my mouth felt when I took the dentures out at night, my upper lip would sort of collapse onto the space and it made me feel like an old woman. I am careful not to bite very hard things directly on them, and I do worry slightly about falling flat on my face and damaging them (I wear bifocals – my eyes are nearly as bad as my teeth!) but mostly I don’t really think about them, whereas with the denture it always seemed to be on my mind.

It was a lot of money and some discomfort, some lengthy and relatively traumatic procedures – it is no fun having lots of anaesthetic injections, the roof of your mouth cut open or having holes drilled in to your jaw – but I do not regret it. I think you do need to be bit brave to have it done, especially of there are several teeth to be done. My husband says that having seen me through it he wouldn’t do it himself, but then he is quite funny about having things done to his mouth. If I lost any more teeth and a denture affected my ability to eat unhindered I would certainly consider having more implants, and I am very glad I had them done by Mani and did not go abroad for cheap treatment, as I don’t think it would have been done so well. All of the staff at the surgery have been very kind and thoughtful to me throughout, and I could not recommend this practice too highly."

"Dear Mr Sutcliffe,

I’m writing this thank you very much for your exemplary dental treatment. On the many occasions my children and I have visited you, we’ve been treated with great courtesy and gentleness. Recently I had a lower tooth removed. Your treatment was very efficient and essentially painless. I have subsequently suffered no ill effects. I consider myself lucky that my family is registered on your list.

Perhaps and consistently treat patients with courtesy and respect."

"Dear Max,

Just a very short letter thank you very much for the time, effort and considerable skill you meted out to me over the three visits I made to your surgery recently for you to prepare and fit a crown to one of my lower right teeth.

Although nothing to you, it appeared to me that the task was a lengthy one which needed a good deal of your professional expertise to get perfect, which you did of course.

In addition, if I now meet anyone who might be worried about receiving an injection or two prior to dentistry treatment, I will be able to assure them that they will feel absolutely nothing in your most capable hands. The painless injections you gave me for my treatment has completely eroded any possible concern I might have had over being injected in the future.

Thanks again and best wishes"

"My husband, MB attended your surgery last night at 5.30pm for his appointment with Mandeep.

He has asked me to write on his behalf to confirm that the treatment he received from Mandeep and his dental assistant was excellent.

MB will be in touch in due course for a further appointment."

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